Model HM-BP Hydro-Mech Set Bridge Plugs are used for temporary or permanent isolation of oil, gas and water, such as, zone isolation, formation fracturing, and acidizing. These bridge plugs can be set by drop a ball and up lift, do not need any setting tools. They are available for 4 1/4” through 20” setting ranges.


  • Compact, easy running
  • Can be released by right-hand rotation in an emergency
  • One-piece packing element and rocker action metal back up rings combine for a superior seal
Casing OD (in)Casing Wt (lbs/ft)Setting Range Min (in)Setting Range Max (in)Tool OD (in)Pressure (PSI)Release Force (lbs)Connection ThreadPart Number
4 1/29.5-16.63.8264.0903.59010,00033,0002 3/8”EUE BOX2440450525
511.5-20.84.1544.5603.93010,00033,0002 3/8”EUE BOX2440500525
5 1/213-234.5805.0444.31010,00033,0002 3/8”EUE BOX2440550525
5 3/414-25.24.8905.2904.70010,00033,0002 3/8”EUE BOX2440575525
6 5/817-325.5956.1355.37010,00050,0002 7/8”EUE BOX2440662525
723-355.9386.3665.68010,00055,0002 7/8”EUE BOX2440700525
717-236.3366.5386.00010,00055,0002 7/8”EUE BOX2440701525
7 5/820-396.6257.1256.31010,00050,0002 7/8”EUE BOX2440762525
8 5/824-497.3108.0977.12010,00050,0002 7/8”EUE BOX2440862525
9 5/829.3-58.58.4359.0638.1208,00050,000 53 1/2”IF BOX244096252
10 3/432.7-60.79.66010.1929.4305,00050,0003 1/2”IF BOX2441075525
11 3/438-6010.77211.15010.4304,00050,0003 1/2”IF BOX2441176525
13 3/848-84.512.17512.71511.8803,00050,0004 1/2”IF BOX2441337525
1665-11814.57615.25014.1201,50050,0004 1/2”IF BOX2441600525
2094-13318.73019.12418.3701,50050,0004 1/2”IF BOX2442000525