The T-2 On-Off Tool is a tubing disconnect device that has an internal blanking plug locking profile with seal bore for utilizing flow control equipment. The Overshot has a box looking up, which connects to tubing string, and a pin looking down off the Stinger, which connects to the packer. The T-2 On-Off Tool has two basic components that comprise the Overshot. The Top Sub, which contains two bonded rubber steel seals and the Jay Latch which has a J Slot configuration to locate and latch the On-Off Tool Stinger. The Jay Latch also has a wash over shoe configuration which allows cutting through debris. The Overshot automatically Jays up on the Stinger, when lowered into the well.


    • Item is designed to isolate a lower zone, or to disconnect the tubing, without releasing or disturbing the packer
    • Standard right-hand turn to connect. Left-hand turn to disconnect
    • Automatic jay up
    • Bonded seals
    • All nipple profiles available for stinger
    • Full open or solid stinger available
    • 10K rated
    • Wash over shoe on all models

Casing OD (in)OD (in)OD of StingerTension (lbs)Pressure (psi)Connection Thread

Part Number
(without shear pin)

Part Number
(with shear pin)

4 1/23.7502.60965,00010,0002 3/8” EUE21274598262127459726
5 1/24.5002.60965,00010,0002 3/8” EUE21274598272127459727
5 1/24.5003.25075,00010,0002 7/8” EUE21274098272127409727
75.8753.25075,00010,0002 7/8” EUE21274098292127409729