The Spinning Wash tool is a self-rotating swivel designed for coil tubing well service. The powerful rotating jets cover a large area for efficient cleaning. Jet reaction force powers rotation of the head.

The standard nozzle sleeve has 13 ports; seven forward, and 6 backward. Some of the ports may be plugged in a balanced pattern to concentrate the flow in a particular direction.

Whether your deposits are paraffin, asphaltene, hydrates, calcium carbonate, barium sulfate, corrosion products, or mineral scale – the Spinning Wash tool is ready to restore production.

Max OD (in)Nozzle SizeThreadPart Number
1.6873/16”*51” AMMT2187168422
2.1257/32”* 4+1/4”1.5” AMMT2187212422
2.3751/4”*51.5” AMMT218723742
2.8755/16*52 3/8” PAC2187287422
3.1255/16*52 3/8” PAC2187312422