The ‘Torconnect’ External Slip Connector has been primarily developed to withstand the most extreme high-torque, high-tensile applications.

Unlike existing slip connectors, the ‘Torconnect’ External Slip Connector does not rely on grub screws to transmit torque from the tool string, through to the coiled tubing. This feature is provided through a unique non-rotational slip arrangement, providing high bi-directional torque resistance. The slip is positively engaged into the bottom sub, via drive teeth, therefore transmitting any rotational torque from the tool string directly to the pipe.

Design Features/Benefits:

    • High tensile strength
    • Non Rotational
    • Internal Pressure Seal
    • Replaceable Slips

Coiled Tubing Diameter (in)Max OD (in)Min ID (in)ThreadPart Number
1 1/41.6870.7501” AMMT2191125322
1 1/22.1251.0001.5”AMMT2191150322
1 3/42.3751.0001.5”AMMT2191175322
22.8751.5002 3/8” PAC2191200322
2 3/83.1251.5002 3/8” PAC2191237322
2 7/83.6251.5002 7/8” PAC2191287322