The ‘Slimconnect’ External Slip Connectors allow the attachment of coiled tubing to the CT Tool Workstring, via the provision of a threaded connection.

The ‘Slimconnect’, as its name suggests, has an O.D. which is smaller than a standard ‘Torconnect’. This enables the ‘Slimconnect’ to be used in operations where a maximum diameter of coiled tubing is required to be run in a minimal I.D. restriction.

The design of the ‘Slimconnect’ utilizes a set of helical ‘wicker’ type slips that grip the tubing in a ‘wedging’ action, thus, an increase in tension results in increased grip.

Design Features/Benefits:

    • High tensile strength for size
    • Slimline body O.D.
    • Internal Pressure Seal
    • Replaceable Slips

Coiled Tubing Diameter (in)Max OD (in)Min ID (in)ThreadPart Number
1 1/41.6870.7501” AMMT2191125324
1 1/22.1251.0001.5” AMMT2191150324
1 3/42.3751.0001.5” AMMT2191175324
22.8751.5002 3/8” PAC2191200324
2 3/83.1251.5002 3/8” PAC2191237324