Roll-On Connector

The Roll-On Connector allows the attachment of Coiled Tubing to the CT Tool/Workstring via the provision of a threaded connection.

The Roll-On Connectors are available to suit all standard sizes of coiled tubing.

Roll-On Connector Crimping Tool

The Roll-On Connector Crimping tool ensures easy field installation of the Roll-On Connector to the coiled tubing.

The crimping tool has two interchangeable wheels, one of which is used to swage the coiled tubing onto the Roll-On Connector. The other is a cutting wheel which can be used to cut the coiled tubing.

Design Features/Benefits:

    • High tensile strength
    • Internal pressure seal
    • Easy make up

Coiled Tubing Diameter (in)Max OD (in)Min ID (in)Pressure (psi)Tensile Strength (in)ThreadPart NumberCrimping Tool Part Number
1 1/4*1/81.5000.50010,00025,0001” AMMT21911255222191150523
1 1/2*1/81.5000.75010,00035,0001” AMMT21911505222191150523
1 1/2*0.1021.5000.75010,00035,0001” AMMT21911505262191150523
1 1/2*0.1091.5000.75010,00035,0001” AMMT21911505272191150523
1 1/2*0.1561.5000.75010,00035,0001” AMMT21911505282191150523
1 3/4*1/81.7500.75010,00045,0001” AMMT21911755222191150523
1 3/4*0.1751.7500.75010,00045,0001” AMMT21911755262191150523
1 3/4*0.1752.1251.00010,00045,0001.5” AMMT21911755252191150523
2*0.1882.0001.00010,00065,0001.5” AMMT21912005222191150523
2*0.1452.0001.00010,00060,0001.5” AMMT21912005232191150523
2*0.1752.0001.00010,00065,0001.5” AMMT21912005252191150523
2*0.1562.0001.00010,00060,0001.5” AMMT21912005262191150523
2 3/8*0.1752.3751.00010,00060,0001.5” AMMT21912375222191150523