Double Ended Coiled Tubing Roll-On Connectors allow the inline attachment of two lengths of coiled tubing.

Double Ended Roll-On Connectors have the same outside diameter as the coiled tubing.

Double Ended Roll-On Connectors attach to the coiled tubing’s internal diameter. The connector is secured by crimping the tubing into the connectors preformed channels with a Roll-On Connector Crimping Tool.

Design Features/Benefits:

    • High tensile strength
    • Internal pressure seal
    • Easy make up

Coiled Tubing Diameter (in)Max OD (in)Min ID (in)Pressure (psi)Tensile Strength (in)Part NumberCrimping Tool Part Number
1 1/4*1/81.2500.50010,00023,00021911255242191150523
1 1/4*0.1091.2500.50010,00016,00021911255252191150523
1 1/2*1/81.5000.75010,00025,00021911505242191150523
1 1/2*0.1341.5000.75010,00032,00021911505202191150523
1.75 *0.1561.7500.75010,00038,00021911755272191150523
2 *0.1562.0001.00010,00042,00021912005272191150523
2 3/8*0.1752.3751.50010,00065,00021912375242191150523