The Grub Screw/Dimple Connector allows the attachment of coiled tubing to the CT Tool/ Workstring, via the provision of a threaded connection.

The connector is attached to the coiled tubing by grub screws that engage in preformed dimples in the tubing wall.

The dimples are formed by using the Dimple Hammer/Extractor Tool that places the indents in identical positions to the screws on the connector.

The Dimple/Grub Screw/ Connectors have ‘o’ ring pressure seals as standard, and are also available with ‘v’ packings as an option to create the pressure seal.

 Design Features/Benefits:

    • High tensile strength
    • Internal pressure seal
    • Easy make up
    • High Torque

Coiled Tubing Diameter (in)Max OD (in)Min ID (in)ThreadPart NumberDimple Hammer Extractor Tool Part Number
1 1/41.7500.6871” AMMT21911256222191125623
1 1/22.1251.0001.5” AMMT21911506222191150623
1 3/42.3751.0001.5” AMMT21911756222191175623
22.8751.5002 3/8” PAC21912006222191200623
2 3/83.1251.5002 3/8” PAC21912376222191237623