The Pull Plate is used as an accessory with the Coil Tubing Connector. Once the Connector is installed on the coil, install the Pull Plate onto the connector.

This will allow the connector to enter the lubricator, but the bottom of the pull plate will seat on the end of the lubricator, preventing further travel. Now apply the proper overpull to test the connector. The pull plate also prevents the connector from being pulled against the seals of the lubricator.

After a successful pull test, remove the pull plate and proceed with installing the remainder of the tool string. The pull plate can also be built with 3/16” hole and a ½” tap for a needle and be used also as a test plug.

Max OD (in)Min ID (in)ThreadPart Number
5.0000.7501” AMMT2191125332
5.0001.0001.5” AMMT2191150332
6.0001.5002 3/8”PAC2191237332
6.0001.5002 3/8”REG2191238332
6.0001.5002 7/8”PAC2191287332