The Dual Flapper Check Valve is used in situations where the operator wishes to eliminate the flow, or potential flow, of fluids back through the workstring, while running or retrieving pipe under pressure.

The Dual Flapper Check Valve is designed so that the flow area through the valve is equal to or greater than the cross-sectional area of I.D. of the valve seat. The Dual Flapper Check Valves are easy to assemble or disassemble, a new flapper cartridge can be inserted in a matter of minutes. The Dual Flapper Check Valve combines reliability, minimum flow restrictions, and the ability to pump wiper plugs or to drop balls through the valve for disconnects, etc.

As with ball-type check valves, rust, scale, paraffin, dried hydrocarbons or materials do not pose a threat of plugging this flapper check valve due to the ability to pump through the valve at all times.

The flapper valve and seat are directly exposed to the pumped fluid and some erosion may occur on the seat surface and possibly the flapper valve itself, depending on a variety of factors including velocity through the valve, abrasiveness of the fluid pumped, solids content, and duration of the exposure. The flappers and valve seats should be checked and replaced when required.

Max OD (in)Min ID (in)ThreadPart Number
1.5000.6201” AMMT2185150322
1.6870.6871” AMMT2185168322
1.7500.6871” AMMT2185175322
2.1250.8911.5” AMMT2185212322
2.2501.0311.5” AMMT2185225322
2.3751.0001.5” AMMT2185237322
2.8751.3692 3/8” PAC2185287322
3.1251.4422 3/8” PAC2185312322
3.1251.4422 3/8” EUE2185312324
3.8752.1252 7/8” EUE2185387323