The Twin Flapper Check Valve with Lock-Out Sleeve is a coiled tubing string component that can be run in the locked out position and activated with a drop ball when required to perform as a downhole safety barrier. Its use provides a means of preventing the back flow of well fluids into the coiled tubing in the event of failure or damage to the coiled tubing string or surface equipment.

The design of the Twin Flapper Check Valve incorporates a dual sealing system in each flapper assembly for increased safety. A Teflon seat provides the primary low pressure seal, while at higher pressure the flapper seals on a metal to metal arrangement.

It is ideally suited to CT velocity string systems, allowing activation by a drop ball prior to pulling the string from the well.

Design Features/Benefits

  • Dual sealing in each flapper cartridge (i.e. low pressure Teflon seat/seal and high pressure full metal to metal seat/seal)
  • Full bore fluid passage for balls, darts & plugs
  • Removable flapper cartridges
  • Simple drop ball activation


Max OD (in)Min ID (in)Ball OD (in)ThreadPart Number
2.8751.0001 1/161.5”AMMT2185287522