The Up-Stroke Intensifier is used in conjunction with the Up-Stroke Hydraulic Jar.

Its purpose is to provide the necessary even pull and acceleration power for the Coiled Tubing Up-Stroke Hydraulic Jar to operate efficiently, especially at shallow depths where there is limited coiled tubing stretch.

The Coiled Tubing Up-Stroke Intensifier stores upward energy in a powerful compression spring, which is suddenly released when the Hydraulic Jar ‘releases’, thus intensifying the upward jarring impact.

The Up-Stroke Intensifier is fully vented to the well-bore to prevent damping effect, and has full ‘pump through’ capability, compatible with the CT Hydraulic Jar.

The Up-Stroke Intensifier is manufactured from high grade low alloy steel and stainless steel and is extremely robust and durable in construction.

Under normal conditions, the Coiled Tubing Up-Stroke Intensifier will function at temperatures of up to 200°C, if circulation is maintained during operations.

Design Features/Benefits:

  • Full flow through bore
  • Heavy duty construction

Max OD (in)Min ID (in)Load to Close (ibs)ThreadPart Number
2.1250.5006141.5” AMMT2194212622
2.8750.6256502 3/8” PAC2194287622
3.1250.6256502 3/8” PAC2194312622