The Up-Stroke Hydraulic Jar (USHJ) provides the means for repeatable, controlled upward jarring when required during coiled tubing operations.

The ‘USHJ’ has a highly dependable closed and balanced hydraulic system for hydrostatic pressure. This allows the coiled tubing operator to control the intensity of the jarring action to suit the field application, by applying a sustained downward load, which can be infinitely variable, according to the usage application.

CT ‘USHJ’s’ are normally used in conjunction with the coiled tubing Up-Stroke Intensifier. It is suitable for most coiled tubing applications where the deployment of downhole service and manipulation tools is required, including setting and pulling plugs, gas lift valves, opening and shutting sliding side doors and the general fishing of downhole retrievables.

CT ‘USHJ’s’ are also used in most standard CT toolstrings, during other coiled tubing services, such as, swabbing, jetting, logging, and stimulating, especially in deviated wells, where there is a possibility of the toolstring becoming stuck. The closed hydraulic system prevents contamination from well bore fluids thus giving greater operational dependability. Under normal conditions, the ‘USHJ’ will function at temperatures of up to 100°C, if circulation is maintained during operations. ‘USHJ’ is manufactured from high grade low alloy steel and stainless steel and is extremely robust and durable in construction.

Design Features/Benefits:

  • Full flow through bore
  • Specifically designed for CT use
  • Efficient Valve Seating for deviated applications
  • Closed & balanced hydraulic system
  • Also available with ‘Torque Thru’ capability

Max OD (in)Min ID (in)ThreadPart Number
2.1250.5001.5” AMMT2194212722
2.8750.7502 3/8” PAC2194287722
3.1251.0002 3/8” PAC2194312722