The Bow Spring Centralizer provides a fast and effective method of attaching centralizers to a tool string. This approach allows several centralizers to be attached to a coiled tubing tool string without adding any significant length to the string.

By simply positioning the Centralizer Carrier Subs in the tool string, the Bow Spring Centralizers can be placed in the optimum position to centralize the string.

The tool is specifically designed to allow worn or damaged bow springs to be changed, without removing the whole centralizer assembly. Also, the centralizer assemblies can be removed without breaking out the string.

The upper centralizer sleeve is anchored to the tool string via retainer pins. The lower centralizer sleeve is allowed to ride freely up and down the tool string as the bow springs compress and expand. This ensures the minimum of interference as the tool string passes through restrictions in the tubing.


Max OD (in)Min ID (in)ThreadPart Number
1.6870.6251” AMMT2196168322
2.1250.7301.5” AMMT2196212323
2.2500.7301.5” AMMT2196212322
2.8751.2502 3/8” PAC2196287322
3.1251.2502 3/8” PAC2196312322