The Torque Thru Knuckle Joint, when incorporated between the jars and the manipulation tool, will provide additional flexibility in the tool string. This additional flexibility is often necessary when the bore of the hole the tool is running through is restricted and/or highly deviated. The Torque Thru Knuckle Joint can be used when rotation of the tool string is not required, for example, coiled tubing drilling applications.

The Coiled Tubing Knuckle Joint provides full 15° angular deviation and internal pressure sealing throughout the full deviation of the tool. The ball and socket of the knuckle have a key that prevents rotation but still allows full angular movement.

The full flow through bore also allows the use of flow activated tools below the Knuckle Joint. Multiple coiled tubing torque thru knuckle joints can be incorporated in particularly long tool strings.

Design Features/Benefits:

  • Full flow through bore
  • Internal pressure seal
  • 15˚ angular deviation
  • Torque Thru capability
Max OD (in)Min ID (in)ThreadPart Number
1.6870.5311” AMMT2193168422
1.7500.5311” AMMT2193175422
2.1250.5941.5” AMMT2193212422