The Locking Swivel Joint was designed to allow the assembly of long coil tubing strings with minimum lubricator length. Many times, it is necessary to have long lengths of lubricator to accommodate the tool string, creating a difficult and dangerous situation.

Now with the Locking Swivel Joint, it allows for sections of the tool string to be made up and lowered into the well bore. The String is spaced out and a pup joint is inserted, allowing the pup joint to seal in the rams of the BOP. The Locking Swivel is placed on top of the section of tools and dropped in the lubricator. Pull the coupling back and tighten the set screws, allowing the clutches to disengage and letting the swivel free spin.

The other section of tool string can now be assembled. Before lowering the swivel in the hole, loosen the set screws so the coupling can slide back down, engaging the clutches. If rotation is required in the tool string, simply take the brass drive pins out from under the coupling and this will prevent any back torque through the string. If run below the motor, the clutches must be engaged, and brass drive pins installed.

Max OD (in)Min ID (in)ThreadPart Number
1.6870.3401” AMMT2193168622
2.1250.6871.5” AMMT2193112622
2.3750.7501.5” AMMT2193237622
2.8751.1252 3/8” PAC2193287622
3.1251.1252 3/8” PAC2193312622