The Motorhead Assembly has been developed in recognition to industry demands for compact, heavy-duty, integrated BHA components. The Motorhead Assembly combines the Double Flapper Check Valve with the Heavy Duty Hydraulic Disconnect and the Dual Circulation Valve, standard components for virtually all toolstring designs. The tubing connector has been deliberately eliminated to give the added flexibility of operator choice for the connector type and coil tubing size.

The Motorhead Assembly provides the operator with a compact, versatile, upper BHA and offers the following:

Design Features/Benefits:

  • The Motorhead Assembly compact design gives an overall length saving of approximately 30% over the use of conventional individual components.
  • The high torque capability of the Motorhead Assembly provides the ideal Motorhead for today’s high demand coiled tubing drilling applications.
  • The choice of tubing connector is not dictated by the Motorhead Assembly; therefore, giving the operator the flexibility to choose the most appropriate connector to suit the application.
  • With a considerable reduction in the number of component parts, seals and thread connections, the Motorhead Assembly is uncomplicated to assemble/disassemble and inexpensive to redress.

Max OD (in)Min ID (in)ThreadPart Number
1.6870.4061” AMMT2181168422
1.7500.4061” AMMT2181175422
2.1250.4061.5” AMMT2181212422
2.3750.6251.5” AMMT2181237422
2.8750.7502 3/8” PAC2181287422
3.1250.8122 3/8” PAC2181312422