The Hydraulic GS Type Running-Pulling Tool is designed to run and retrieve downhole tools with conventional internal fish necks. The latching mechanism is a robust dog-core design, which releases positively from the internal fish neck, when a hydraulic differential is applied to the tool.

The tool does not require shear pins or drop balls, since the differential required to activate the tool is provided by circulating through a choke insert in the core.

Hydraulic GS Type Running-Pulling Tools are available for all standard internal fish neck sizes.


    • Full hydraulic operation
    • Multiple latch & release capability
    • Proven dog-core design
    • Available to catch internal fish necks from 2” to 7”
    • Safety shear function

Size (in)Max OD (in)Min ID (in)Internal Fish Neck (in)ThreadPart Number
21.8100.2501.3751” AMMT2183200522
2 1/22.2500.3901.8121.5” AMMT2183250522
32.7200.3902.3121.5” AMMT2183300522
3 1/23.1100.3902.6252 3/8” PAC2183350522
43.6200.3903.3122 3/8” PAC2183400522