Large Bore Model SR3-DG Double Grip Retrievable Casing Packers are used in production, stimulation, and testing operations where maximum I.D. is required.

Their hydraulic hold down is below the pressure equalization valve. They feature a proven three element packing system and a balance sleeve device to assist in keeping the by-pass closed. They are available for 5-1/2” through 7-5/8” casings.


  • Sets securely in any hardness casing, including premium grades
  • Three-piece packing element system
  • Hydraulic hold down button unit with large internal flow path located below the bypass valve to reduce element swabbing and button wicker dulling
  • Surface controlled combination bypass and equalizing valve
  • Tubing pressure-actuated collet lock to eliminate excessive set down weight requirements
  • Rocker type Slips
  • Parts are interchangeable with other manufacturers
  • Large bore
Casing OD (in)Casing Wt (lbs/ft)Setting Range Min (in)Setting Range Max (in)Tool OD (in)Tool ID (in)Connection ThreadPart number
5 1/220-234.6254.7784.52 3/82 7/8”-8RD EU2671550342
5 1/215.5-204.7784.954.642 3/82 7/8”-8RD EU2671550362
5 1/213-15.54.955.194.782 3/82 7/8”-8RD EU2671550422
5 3/422.54.955.19 24.782 3/82 7/8”-8RD EU2671550422
6264.955.194.782 3/82 7/8”-8RD EU2671550422
6 5/817-205.9386.1355.8133 1/2”-8RD EU2671700362
732-355.9386.1355.8133 1/2”-8RD EU2671700362
726-296.1366.2765.9733 1/2”-8RD EU2671700442
720-266.2766.4566.0833 1/2”-8RD EU2671700462
717-206.4546.5786.2733 1/2”-8RD EU2671700542
7 5/833.7-396.5796.7976.4533 1/2”-8RD EU2671700562
7 5/824-29.76.7987.0256.6733 1/2”-8RD EU2671700642
7 5/820-247.0257.1256.8133 1/2”-8RD EU2671700662