The Tubing Nipple Locator is designed to locate nipples in the tubing while downhole coiled tubing operations are being performed. This makes the tool ideal for depth correlation by tagging a known datum in the production tubing.

The Nipple Locator can be positioned virtually anywhere in the Bottom Hole Assembly. As the Nipple Locator is purely mechanical, the operation of the tool does not require any hydraulic pressure to operate.

The Nipple Locator is run below the nipple to the desired position. A slow pick up will then allow the dogs to tag the back of the nipple profile. A small overpull (approximately 600- 900lbs) will be seen on the weight indicator.

This procedure may be repeated indefinitely, ensuring that the datum points can be re- checked; therefore, a constant indication can be determined.

If a more positive indication is required, the Nipple Locator has the added feature of a shear pin sub. By pinning the shear sub with predetermined shear pins, the Nipple Locator can be configured to allow a significant increase in overpull.

This more positive surface indication of depth correlation can permit an overpull of up to 5,000 lbs. This operation is however, a one-shot operation, and once the pins are sheared, the Nipple Locator reverts back to the conventional 600-900 lbs repeatable overpulls.

The Nipple Locator comprises of a spring loaded dog assembly, which provides a reliable and repeatable means of tagging a range of common nipples within a specific tubing size. All springs are encapsulated, minimizing the risk of mechanical tool failure from debris ingress.

Max OD (in)Min ID (in)Nipple Size (in)ThreadPart Number
2.3802.1752.31X1.5 AMMT2197231322