TAC-B Tubing Anchor Catcher performs two important functions:

1) anchors the tubing string, and
2) catches the tubing if it should part. Unlike most anchor catchers, which are set as tubing anchors and rely upon movement of the parted tubing string to set them as catchers, the TAC-B Tubing Anchor Catcher is simultaneously set in anchoring and catching positions at all times.


    • TAC-B catches tubing without permitting any movement since the tool is set in only one position for both anchoring and catching.
    • Positive catching regardless of Well conditions
    • Slips held securely in place
    • Dependable drag spring
    • Simple operation and positive release

Casing OD (in)Casing Wt (lbs/ft)Setting Range Min (in)Setting Range Max (in)Tool OD (in)Tool ID (in)Connection ThreadSizePart number
4 1/29.5-13.53.9204.0903.7501.9302 3/8“EUE43A2200450426
511.5-18.04.2764.5604.0001.9302 3/8“EUE43B2200500457
5 1/213.0-23.04.6705.0444.5002.4102 3/8“EUE45A2200550438
5 1/213.0-23.04.6705.0444.5002.4102 7/8“EUE45A2200550428
6 5/817.0-32.05.6756.1355.5002.4702 3/8“EUE47A2200700437
6 5/817.0-32.05.6756.1355.5002.4702 7/8“EUE47A2200662421
6 5/817.0-32.05.6756.1355.5003.0003 1/2”EUE47Ax3.002200700433
717.0-20.06.4566.5385.5002.4702 7/8“EUE47B2200700432
717.0-20.06.4566.5385.5003.0003 1/2”EUE47Bx3.002200700434
717.0-38.05.9206.5385.5003.0003 1/2”EUE47Ax3.002200700433
720.0-38.05.9206.4565.5002.4702 3/8“EUE47A2200700437
720.0-38.05.9206.4565.5002.4702 7/8“EUE47A2200662421
7 5/820.0-39.06.6257.1255.5002.4702 7/8“EUE47B2200700432
7 5/820.0-39.06.6257.1255.5003.0003 1/2”EUE47Bx3.002200700434
8 5/824.0-49.07.5118.0977.0003.0003 1/2”EUE492200862439
9 5/832.3-47.08.6819.0018.0003.0003 1/2”EUE512200962430