Production Packer – Retrievable

The Model AS1X single string Mechanical Production Packer is a retrievable, double-grip compression or tension-set production packer that holds pressure from above or below. Once set, the tubing string can be left in tension, compression, or in a neutral position. A large internal bypass reduces the swabbing effect during run-in and retrieval, and closes when the packer is set. When the packer is released, the bypass opens first, allowing the pressure to equalize before the upper slips are pulled from the casing. It also features an upper slip releasing system that reduces the force required to release the packer. A non-directional slip is released first, making it easier to release the other slips. These flexible features allow the tool to be run in a variety of applications ranging from Production Packer to Bridge Plug to Service Packer.


    • Internal bypass reduces swabbing
    • Holds high-pressure differentials from above or below
    • Can be set using tension or compression
    • Only one-quarter right rotation is required to set and release
    • Tubing string can be held in tension, compression, or neutral set while the packer remains engaged
    • Optional shear release features available upon request
    • Packing element options are available for hostile environments
    • Bypass valve is below upper slips, so the debris is washed from slips when the valve is opened

Casing OD (in)Casing Wt (lbs/ft)Setting Range Min (in)Setting Range Max (in)Tool OD (in)Tool ID (in)Connection ThreadPart number
4 1/29.5-13.53.9204.0903.7501.9382 3/8”-8RD EU2640450227
4 1/213.5-15.13.8263.9203.6501.9382 3/8”-8RD EU2640450225
518.0-20.84.1564.2764.0001.9382 3/8”-8RD EU2640500228
511.5-15.04.4084.5604.1251.9382 3/8”-8RD EU2640500227
5 1/220.0-23.04.6704.7784.5001.9382 3/8”-8RD EU2640550234
5 1/214.0-20.04.7785.0124.6251.9382 3/8”-8RD EU2640550235
5 1/220.0-23.04.6704.7784.5002.3752 7/8”-8RD EU2640550220
5 1/215.5-20.04.7784.9504.6252.3752 7/8”-8RD EU2640550229
726.0-32.06.0946.2765.8752.5002 7/8”-8RD EU2640700223
717.0-26.06.2766.5386.0002.5002 7/8”-8RD EU2640700224
726.0-32.06.0946.2765.8753.0003 1/2”-8RD EU2640700228
717.0-26.06.2766.5386.0003.0003 1/2”-8RD EU2640700229
7 5/833.7-39.06.6256.7656.4532.5002 7/8”-8RD EU2640762223
7 5/824.0-29.76.7987.0256.6722.5002 7/8”-8RD EU2640762226
7 5/833.7-39.06.6256.7656.4533.0003 1/2”-8RD EU2640762233
7 5/824.0-29.76.7987.0256.6723.0003 1/2”-8RD EU2640762234
9 5/843.5-53.58.5358.7558.2504.00041/2”-8RD EU2640962223
9 5/832.3-43.58.7559.0018.5004.00041/2”-8RD EU2640962224