Oil Tools

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Packers – Retrievable


SR3-DG Double Grip

SR3-SG Single Grip


Bridge Plugs – Permanent

Wireline Set Baker Type

Wireline Set Owen Type

Wide Range Bridge Plug

Mechanical Set

Mechanical Setting Tool

Hydro Mech Set Bridge Plug

Cement Retainers – Permanent

Wireline Set Baker Type

Mechanical Set

Mechanical SettingTool

SS Stinger Seal

Anchor Catcher – Tubing

Drag spring type

Flow Control Tools

Landing Nipples

Lock Mandrels

On-Off Tool

Equalizing Prong and Valve

Coiled Tubing Tools

Standard Tools




Motorhead Assemblies


Centralizers and Stabilizers


Rotating and Non-Rotating Joints


Rotary Subs and Nozzle Heads


Power Rotation and Impact Tools




Flow Actuated Tools


Jetting and Debris Removal Tools


Specialty Tools and Accessories


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